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More About Who We Are

Facilitize is a CMMS software developed by facilities managers for facilities managers. Using our various modules, Facilitize will help you stay on top of everyday details while keeping the bigger picture in mind. The maintenance module manages operational needs such as preventative and reactive maintenance with work orders. This results in an extended life for your facility. Staff, customers, and vendors can utilize this module to communicate with ease. The asset management module handles capital management needs by using the statistical lifespan of equipment. Additionally, the module manages known deficiencies, which allows for accurate and dependable budgets as well as projections into the future.

From the beginning, we take an "owner's perspective" to every project we undertake. That means we work to keep our initial costs low while keeping the overall "total cost of ownership" in mind—just as an owner would. That means making larger investments of time to fully understand each client’s business and long-term goals. This starts a collaboration that helps us develop tailor-made solutions saving customers both money and time.

This highly personal approach has earned us one of highest client retention rates in our industry. To date, more than 80 percent of our revenue comes from existing and repeat clients.

Facilitize is powered by FM Solutions; a full-service resource for the lifespan of your building. With design, facility consulting, field services, project management and property management teams all under one roof, FM Solutions’ full-service team can address all your needs now—and into the future.

The Facilitize system starts small and expands depending on your specific needs. Allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage all of the capital renewals for your organization throughout its entire lifespan. Facilitize is hosted in a secure cloud that automatically updates, so there is no installation required. Facilitize software is backed by a team of professionals that have years of experience in fields such as facility management, architecture, and engineering. We offer personalized assessment, consulting, advanced onboarding and training in many convenient ways to determine how to unlock the greatest potential for your company.